Welcome to the Royal Family

Simply put we build Personal Electric Vehicles – PEV’s with a whole new concept. At Royal EV, we believe in putting safety, performance and reliability first, so our customers can expect many years of enjoyment out of our PEV’s. Whether PEV needs are for personal use and or commercial use, we have the perfect Personal Electric Vehicle solution for just about every need.

Our founders have spent the last six years selling and servicing many different brands and models of golf carts, and now we’ve evolved into designing and building the best Person Electric Vehicle in the market. Because of our experience with many brands, we realized most golf carts lack the safety and performance features needed as more and more families and businesses rely on PEV’s in their everyday lives.

At Royal EV, our mission is to engineer, design and manufacture the most modern, safe, and highest quality PEV’s the industry has ever seen or experienced. Our goal will always be to set the bar higher and be the benchmark in the industry in terms of safety, engineering and customer satisfaction.